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How To Sell Your Software To A Big Company

One of the major differences in selling your software to a large company is that they have many people in a developed organization that could use your product. There are many decision-makers, influencers, and companies out there who have distributed buying control at a regional or functional or product-specific area that could engage your company

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International Expansion

Most US companies start off understanding the US market with regions, cut-up throughout the US and regional organizations to cultivate those customers in those locations with local/regional people. As the opportunity arises to sell to a European multi-national company (like Siemens) or a Japanese multi-national company like Toshiba, or a Brazilian multi-national company like Emriare

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The Fundamentals of Technology Consulting

The fundamentals of technology consulting have to be solution-based that focuses on a value proposition that can be achieved in short order. Technology consulting gets a bad rap because it’s hourly focused often on just getting a product running without attachment to a business process or improvement inside a business. Having quantified, measurable results in

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How To Start A Software Company With Little To No Money

Most people believe that a great idea that will change an industry will change the way something is done, or that revolutionizing a process is all it takes for an entrepreneur to gain the American dream… hitting a home run in the software business. Most companies start with this great idea, start developing the software

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The King of Software Consulting

Developing a Bullet Proof Sales Process If you want a self funded sales organization that can run at the fastest rate and knock out the competitors, Reagan Lancaster (CEO of SourceTap) is now offering his help to sales organizations and teams in small, mid-size, and large companies to help build true value in their service

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Why Is Branding Important? - Reagan Lancaster (via SoundCloud)

Want to know the importance of branding? Listen to Reagan Lancaster share his thoughts? Reagan Lancaster ( of SourceTap / Intellect Software / Tige Investments / Lancaster Ranch For more info on Reagan Lancaster visit: LinkedIn:

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