The King of Software Consulting

Developing a Bullet Proof Sales Process

If you want a self funded sales organization that can run at the fastest rate and knock out the competitors, Reagan Lancaster (CEO of SourceTap) is now offering his help to sales organizations and teams in small, mid-size, and large companies to help build true value in their service offerings. SourceTap will guide you to bringing a value based model to a SaaS model for proven, time-tested, and guaranteed results. 

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Reagan will help you achieve and surpass goals across the cloud and many other services offered in todays technological landscape, providing successful salespeople a roadmap to true value based systems and leading strategies across the globe. Theres no secret today with SaaS licensing, and no one’s better and more equipped to coach you than Reagan Lancaster, one of the best in the game. 

Lancaster has grown startups from millions to billions as a chief revenue officer and President of 3 of the most successful startups in software business history. He has provided value to the software industry by helping thousands of salesmen become successful in business and more importantly, in life! He’s created countless millionaires by showing people how to provide lasting results and true value to customers all over the world.

Software Consulting Done Right 

Known as a Software Executive, Cowboy, and Fitness Enthusiast. Reagan Lancaster has a proven career in the Software business from building industry Giants like Oracle to building some of the most successful startups in tech history. As President and Chief Revenue Officer Lancaster built i2 Technologies from 2m in sales to 1.2 billion in sales in just six years.

Regan has demonstrated value as a service to his clients with guaranteed results, implementations, and guaranteed results to clients, making them spread their software success quicker and more efficiently across a worldwide network. Hiring the very best salesmen, putting together rock-solid teams around the world, unmatched sales compensation plans, alliance relationship programs, and integrations between other sales organizations to sell alongside a network of companies has been Reagan’s focus through the years. 

He’s learned and optimized all the tricks of the trade, from hiring the best in the world, scaling, training, compensating, and building self-funding sales organizations that can raise money one customer at a time. Reagan has taught teams how to become self-funding, allowing them to sell and extending the sales organization from the profits gained through that system.

Reagan is also known for a guaranteed value sales approach which was widely known in the industry, splitting the savings with clients, achieving quick results that self funded the sales teams and the projects at the same time

Reagan Lancaster has a unique gift for being able to understand complex messaging and simplifying these concepts for customers, salespeople, and alliance partners to quickly leverage the concepts of very complex software. From the enterprise world in the Oracle days, to being in charge of selling and teaching the top sales organizations around the world, he has trained the very best in the industry at leading the charge. Reagan is known for getting salesman equipped to win big!

Reagan has contributed to all those factors, being the number one salesman at Oracle, i2, and many other startup companies that he has been a major part of through the years.

Reagan says “How do you package value as a service in putting together a value solution for clients and understanding how they achieve value faster? Not being a product company but providing VALUE.

One of the cornerstone achievements I have accomplished in my career is being able to put together a value-based selling environment and a value-based solution where we guaranteed the results and got paid based on the guarantee. This allows us to inspire customers to buy from us, to spread the success to all their competitors and industry leaders, and they get the software for free and split the value with the vendor. 

In the cloud business, a “value as a service” is the key to selling. If we can package the service you’re selling as the value package and should be able to get them running (3/6/8 months even with the biggest customers) this can be accomplished! Customers want to see sales organizations come in and show them where the value is, where the successes have been had and put together a business release model based on value where they can achieve those numbers.

For many cloud software businesses, the goal is not necessarily a monthly fee or ‘here’s the features and functions of this product’ but they want a value solution and they want it now. Whoever can get them the fastest value has the upper hand.

A Cowboys Career as a Software Consultant

What I’ve been able to do in my career is teach VPs of sales, managers, salespeople, teach pre-sales people, and teach development organizations to be successful through motivating them to reach results. Motivating these teams through proper positioning the resource models to the account model. Overall, we are proving VALUE. If something can help a customer achieve value quickly, that product is worth a lot of money to that customer and the company. That’s how we put together a solution, a presentation, a value calculator (based on features and functions) and be able to execute quickly for customers. Showing real results through a rigorous auditing system inside of our customer’s world. It shortens the sales cycle, it gets customers, it builds trust and shows quick results and releases to quickly show value and results that matter to them!

When a customer sees big value quickly, that’s how you grow and scale!”