Reagan Lancaster

15 hours ago
IBM killed the rev and earnings numbers for Q4. CONGRATS!!! IT GAVE GREAT GUIDANCE AS WELL!! BOOM! #TechNews
16 hours ago
Politically driven fake news t wants to see a down economy to get rid of current President #markets
16 hours ago
Today's China talks meeting was never to take place as reported that is driving our markets down over Fake News!! #FakeNews
16 hours ago
IMF projects 3.5% growth which is just .02 tenths of a percent down but with a margin of error greater means nothing. Although US press calls for recession!! Politically driven! #comeonman #markets
1 week ago
10 yrs age difference from left to right!! Time waits on nobody. Live life to the fullest! Yes I am always working on my game! #2019 #fitness #age #fun #stressrelief #golf #bodybuilding @…

Known as a Software ExecutiveCowboy and Fitness Enthusiast.Reagan Lancaster has a proven career in the Software business from building industry Giants like Oracle to building some of the most successful start ups in tech history. As President and Chief Revenue Officer Lancaster built i2 Technologies from 2m in sales to 1.8 billion in sales in just six years.

I2 in its height amassed a 43 Billion dollar valuation and grew to 1B faster than Oracle or Microsoft. Lancaster also built one of the most innovative start ups, Titan Ventures and was recognized as top CEO in the DFW area.

In the Horse business Lancaster Ranch is a premier Cutting horse Ranch and Lancaster has established himself as one of the top riders with over 450K in rider earnings. Lancaster Ranch has produced 3million dollars in winning horses and consistently leads the way in the NCHA.

Lancaster has also been noted in many athletic endeavors since growing up in Texas football country playing: football, basketball, baseball and running track. He has participated in century ride bicycle races with 7 hotter than hell finishes.

Lancaster has also competed in the NPC bodybuilding shows in Texas with placing in NPC Kuclo ClassicNPC Ronnie Coleman ClassicNPC Southwest USA Competition,  Dallas Europa, and Better Bodies competitions. Today Lancaster is CEO of Sourcetap an open source software company as well as Managing Partner for Tige Investments.