Led by Reagan Lancaster, SourceTap helps software companies execute at a higher level, doing more with less.

We assist technology companies of all sizes to monetize and execute their revenue in multiple proven models through 3rd parties, international expansion, concentrating on verticals, or more product specialization.

We have assisted many small companies to help them achieve their goals… and building sales organizations. And setting up consulting organizations and support models that can achieve growing revenues.

We understand SaaS, cloud, enterprise, direct, and indirect models and the demands of running them in a global organization. We can assist companies that may decide to go public and hiring top tier management teams. We work with companies to help them acquire companies to extend their product line, or work with companies looking for an exit, or want to be acquired.

We can help with consulting pricing, development pricing to make these models run smoothly.

Overall, SourceTap is a high end management and consulting company that knows the software business through our creativity and experience is what has made us so successful.

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I would just like to thank all the help we have received at Lancaster Ranch over the last 20 years!! All the Workers, Trainers, Vets, Cow Men, Tractor Suppliers, Dealers, Auctioneers, Customers, Feed Stores,… https://t.co/Kb7DNu3VgJ
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Just wanted to thank all the people who have helped Lancaster Ranch through the years!! Photo by @jay_fuertez #cowboy #cutting #passion #competition #horse #cow #texas https://t.co/mEIfNhs0jV
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Want to say thank you to all those who have help us at the ranch over the years!! Photo by @jay_fuertez #cowboy #passion #cutting #competition #texas #horses #cutting https://t.co/BoXXNY2wX5
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