The Fundamentals of Technology Consulting

The fundamentals of technology consulting have to be solution-based that focuses on a value proposition that can be achieved in short order.

Technology consulting gets a bad rap because it’s hourly focused often on just getting a product running without attachment to a business process or improvement inside a business. Having quantified, measurable results in 90-day increments or business releases is the key to successful consulting projects.

From a customer standpoint, technology consulting has generally been delivered like legal fees. Hourly based with no end in sight. Today’s corporations need to be critical of technological organizations in the fact that they deliver real results quickly that have quantified financial incentives for the company and even a bonus for the technology consulting organization

One of the most famous companies in the history of technology consulting companies was a company called the Thomas group. A boutique tech consulting corporation that gained 100% of their fees based on results. Their consultants were called Resultants. This process of 90-day increments, smaller pieces of a total project, with the eye on value stops runaway projects, projects that are over budget, and projects that never deliver. 

Before starting a technology project you need to understand the as-is requirements of how current businesses run. That needs to be mapped to the to-be process. And when these two processes are laid out, the difference in the processes is going to be the value that is going to be achieved. Buy-in on technology consulting projects has to be the 3 legs of the stool. The executive commitment to getting the new tech up and running with the following benefits and buy-in, buy-in from the IT organization to make the data available and support the users, the existing and to-be systems in place. And 3 the users have to be bought-in to identify the benefits to buy-in. Based on value, the project can reach 100% success.

The makeup of a technology consulting organization focused on value is a little different than a traditional product-specialist consulting organization. Typically deep subject matter experts or consultants with experience in doing projects in a specific industry or strategic consulting people from McKinzie, Booz Allen, Bain, and the like brings a different level of mapping customer requirements to utilizing with to-be processes. These people are in addition to standard project managers, detailed project specialists, and developers. These are the requirements of the new technology organizations that will be able to thrive in a product-oriented software company or a standalone tech organization.

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