How To Sell Your Software To A Big Company

One of the major differences in selling your software to a large company is that they have many people in a developed organization that could use your product. There are many decision-makers, influencers, and companies out there who have distributed buying control at a regional or functional or product-specific area that could engage your company or buy your products.

Often sales organizations call on one piece of a company and tell everybody that the company isn’t buying, but they end up buying your competitor’s product in another division or another location. You have to call on everyone in the organization to find an executive who wants to grow and be known in the company as a mover and a shaker, and who’s interested in business-process change and savings he could attain.

Oftentimes the compensation structure of an executive and the product savings can be aligned to make an executive successful and your business successful in selling to that individual. Remember in selling to a small organization or large organization you have to have the 3 legs of the stool, the executives, the IT department, and the users for a functional area that’s going to utilize the product.

Learning the language of a big companies’ industry and competitors and financial position in the market with earnings and stock price and key objectives in their annual report and 10k will help you sell your products into a large organization. There are also large influencers in big organizations, like their big customers, their big suppliers, their auditors. Other tech companies doing business with them that you’re aware of are all people you have to sell on your company. There are so many rocks to turn to reach all the people that can influence a decision for a large company. 

It is also key to make sure you’re dealing within a large company, a person who can sign for however big your contract is, and they’ve done it before. You also need to understand the approval process in a large company. You also need to understand (9in contracting with a large company) their terms and conditions along with your terms and conditions have to be reviewed by a legal counsel and need to be involved in the process.

The beauty of dealing with large companies in a good economy, growing is that they need new processes to be put in place. Another important economic impact on selling to a big company is if they’re in deep trouble financially, they are willing to listen to new ideas for cost-savings programs

There are only so many big companies out there in the world, so you have to be careful and make sure you are professional, you make a great first impression, and you set expectations low and over-deliver, and be easy to work with and be completely, completely honest with incredible integrity. 


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